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Engineering Consultant

Sonomatic is an innovative inspection company with unique capabilities offered through our Integrity Support Services Team. This team strives to add value around inspection in the context of pressure equipment integrity management. Owing to growth in the region we are looking to expand our engineering team in Perth Australia with a new engineering consultant. You would be part of an energetic group of people with strong skills in development and application of specialist data science, statistical analysis and signal processing techniques for non-intrusive inspection and pressure equipment integrity applications.

The objective of this new role is to support ongoing projects as well as build sales of engineering activity in the region.

Ideally our new candidate would:

The following duties are typical for the Engineering Consultant, but are not all encompassing:

  1. Provision of integrity related consultancy to clients, specifically for pressure equipment. This includes activities such as risk management, inspection planning, statistical analysis of inspection data, FFS, definition of appropriate intervals and providing recommendations for repair or replacement where necessary.
  2. Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) planning and evaluation to DNV-RP-G103. Using detailed understanding of pressure vessel degradation mechanisms, tolerance to degradation, inspection methods proprietary to Sonomatic and statistical methods for analysis of inspection data.
  3. Performing Fitness for Service (FFS) assessments to justify continued operation of damaged pressure vessels carried out to relevant codes, such as API-579, using detailed knowledge of pressure equipment design, understanding strengths of materials, and determining definition of appropriate defect parameters from inspection data obtained using Sonomatic proprietary inspection methods.
  4. Support of research and development. This refers to research and development of new non-destructive inspection techniques, validating existing techniques for specific applications and evaluating performance of in-house equipment. This requires a sound engineering background and good understanding of the fundamental principles and associated mathematics of ultrasonics.
  5. Software development. Development of technical in-house software for inspection data analysis, modelling and reporting. This includes development of algorithms for engineering calculations, signal processing, statistical analysis as well as FFS assessments.

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