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3D Pipework Builder

Sonomatic’s 3D pipework builder software allows you to design complex pipework systems in a matter of minutes, incorporating components from simple pipes and bends up to complex reducers, tee-pieces and valves. The components can be drawn in isometric, full-scale 3D, or at the local level if the pipework is large and/or complex.

Database records can be added to each component, so with a simple click, specific information about the pipework section can be visualised.

For example:
  • Geolocated Corrosion Maps
  • Inspection Frequency & History Data
  • Operating Information
  • Wall Loss and Change Information

The pipework builder software is integrated into the SIMS software suite and is included in any inspection or tender contract. An example of our 3D models can be viewed via the link below.

Pressure Vessel Builder

Our bespoke pressure vessel builder software enables models of pressure vessels to be built in minutes from a variety of sources including GA, photos, and schematics. The pressure vessel builder can link with pipework geometry to build a larger system as part of a miniTwin.

The pressure vessel builder is an integral part of SIMS and NII campaigns. Pressure vessel models are built using simple parametric information and can have inspection data linked to any or all of the components. The data can be accepted in a number of formats and the custom API allows for us to plugin new formats as required.

The pressure vessel builder is included as part of any inspection contract and/or tender contract, pressure vessel builder can also be licensed to use independently.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and to arrange a demo/trial version.

The data loaded onto the pressure vessel include:
  • Inspection Planning Information
  • Corrosion Mapping Thickness Data
  • Photos
  • Individual Measurements
  • Report Data (Inspection, Data, Corrosion, etc.)

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