Non-Intrusive Inspection

Sonomatic has pioneered the formal industry approach for NII and are leaders in the implementation of the developed NII approaches. Our clients include many of the major international operators and our involvement at the assessment, planning, inspection and evaluation stages, covers over 1100 major process vessels worldwide. Sonomatic‘s ability to offer the full range of NII campaign services ensures that clients get the maximum benefit while retaining full confidence in equipment integrity.

For pressure vessels, Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) is increasingly being utilized as an alternative approach to the traditional Internal Visual Inspection (IVI), with some organisations aiming to eliminate vessel entry by 2026.

Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) Vessel.
NII Offers Several Benefits, Including:
  • Reduced Shutdown Time
  • Reduced Personnel Requirements
  • Removal of Hazards Associated with Confined Space Entry
  • Removal of Internal Cleaning Requirements
  • No Impact on Vessel integrity
  • Inspection Data Can be Used for Fitness for Service (FFS) Calculations
  • More Quantified and Accurate Results.

Fully Integrated NII Service

Full Integrated NII Service.

As key authors of the NII recommended practice HOIS-RP-103, Sonomatic are global leaders in the implementation of NII. As such, we are uniquely positioned to deliver fully integrated NII services including comprehensive inspection planning, assessments and evaluation services in addition to advanced NDT capabilities. Our Specialised Integrity Services group has a strong track record of successfully delivering pressure vessel NII for large scale offshore and onshore projects.

Our Fully Integrated NII Services Offer Several Advantages:

Assessment and Work Scope

Each vessel is individually considered to determine whether NII is appropriate and, where applicable, a work scope will then be developed. As part of the work scope, a 3D model of the vessel will be created using Sonomatic’s SIMS software.

It is important to note that the below assessment is not a push button approach. While the recommended practice does stipulate a process to follow, experienced technical input and understanding is required.

Assessment and Work Scope for NII Services.
The Assessment Will Consider the Following:
  • Inspection History, Operating Conditions, Degradation Threats
  • Fitness For Service (FFS) Calculations
  • Required Inspection Coverage
  • Key Inspection Locations Based on Potential Threats
  • Appropriate Inspection Techniques


NII Inspection Vessel.

During an NII inspection, seamless interaction between the Integrity and Inspection team is vital to ensure an efficient and accurate inspection.

Sonomatic’s Fully Integrated Approach to NII Ensures:
  • Expert Review of Work Scopes
  • Live Geolocated 3D Corrosion Maps Produced at Collection.
  • Substitute/Additional Areas or Techniques as Needed


NII Evaluation Graphs.

On completion of the inspection, the evaluation phase and analysis of the data is required as part of justification for deferment/replacement of IVI. The 3D models created at the work scope stage are auto-populated during the inspection and are used as a basis for the evaluation.

Evaluation Process:

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