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Sonomatic have always been proud of the level of high-quality data our experts collect and want to ensure that maximum value can be extracted. Therefore, we offer a number of services including NII, pipework data analysis (pipework assessment and inspection planning), analysis of storage tank data and historical data analysis, which make optimal use of good quality data.

Sonomatic’s expertly skilled technicians ensure that collected data is of high quality. However, there are instances where external factors cause data coverage to be poor or otherwise limited. In these cases, Sonomatic has skilled engineers and bespoke software to optimise the information extracted from limited or poor-quality datasets.

SIMS – Sonomatic Integrity Management Software

SIMS is a software package that is used on all Sonomatic corrosion mapping campaigns. It is a whole-process package used to plan inspections, manage data collection, perform data processing (including statistical analysis), review inspections and conduct assessments. It is an integral part of NII or storage tank inspection projects, and can be modified for specialist inspections.

The second diagram shows how SIMS fits in throughout the whole process of an inspection campaign.

SIMS Pipework & Vessel Builder

SIMS has pipework builder and vessel builder integrated to provide a single software package for use on site.

The SIMS projects are also fully compatible with our mini-Twin software and comparison capability.

Sonomatic Raptor Scanner.
Capabilities include:
  • Assistance with Data Management
  • Automatic Creation of Composites in 2D and 3D
  • Waveform Analysis (Including Enhanced Methods for Inclusion Removal)
  • Improvement of Efficiency of NII and FFS Data Analysis
  • Integration of inspection and integrity data for analysis and reporting
  • Also used in Semi-Automated Reporting, and can Export Interactive 3D pdfs and Data to CAD Models
Planning, inspection and analysis diagrams.
Planning, inspection and analysis diagrams.

SIMS Compare

SIMS-Compare is a dedicated module of the SIMS suite which allows for easy comparison of two or more corrosion mapping inspection campaigns targeting the same/similar areas. The program loads individual projects and provides the tools to apply corrections to the data for an accurate comparison. While it is optimised to work with SIMS projects (Pipework Builder, SIMS and Vessel Builder), new projects can be created with other data sources to allow other thickness data to be compared. Comparison between two or more inspections creates added value from inspection data and can provide a more accurate overview of the state of corrosion.

The key features of SIMS-Compare include the ability to load multiple projects for comparison, select subsets from multiple projects to allow accurate local comparisons, perform statistical analysis of the datasets and create cross profiles of the data.

Below you can see the comparisons of two projects with data loaded from a repeat inspection.

SIMS-Compare is included in all comparison inspection or term contracts with Sonomatic but can be released under licence with prior agreement. The software can also be licensed to use independently. For further details and to discuss your requirements, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

This data was collected subsea, where obtaining exactly the same area was a challenge (below right):

SIMS miniTwin

Sonomatic has been at the forefront of providing digital twin capability through our SIMS packages (Pipework Builder, SIMS and Vessel Builder). A more specific SIMS utility is now being developed to allow full management and access of your data effectively and quickly. SIMS miniTwin builds on the inspection data via two different modes currently under development.

IntraWeb Interface and Desktop Application. The digital twin is a single entry point for access to all inspection data, whether it is reference data, photos, reports, inspection planning, individual scans, or post-processed data analysis. The software can also be licensed for you to use independently, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key features include:
  • Host Any Type of Data
  • Host the Latest Inspection Results (Raw Waveform, Wall Thickness Data, etc.)
  • Host Historical Data Analysis to Demonstrate for Trend Analysis
  • Access to Historical Reports, Images and Photos etc.
  • Access to Previous Inspection Data and Information

SIMS – Real Time Corrosion Maps

SIMS - real time corrosion maps display.

SIMS is fully integrated with Sonomatic’s proprietary data collection software µPlus, allowing our technicians to view real-time, geolocated accurate corrosion maps onsite as the data is being collected.

The benefits of this are:
  • The technician has visual representation of scan, confirming location at time of collection.
  • Advanced automated analysis of data (including paint removal) provides immediate assessment of condition, which can be shared with the client.
  • Saves time during the reporting and analysis stage.
  • Accurate corrosion maps can be shared with the client/interested parties immediately.
  • Real time inspection coverage conformance checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

A mini-digital twin is a single (digital) place to host geometry, inspection data, images, and reports; basically all the integrity information about a single asset, such as a vessel, rather than an entire plant. Sonomatic have their own mini-digital twin software which can be customised according to work practices and client’s requirements.

Sonomatic Integrity Management Software – a suite of in-house tools developed by Sonomatic to assist integrity management of advanced inspection data. Coupled with Sonomatic Specialised inspection tools, SIMS enables efficient data processing and presentation of inspection data. SIMS can also process corrosion mapping data from third party tools.

SPiDARS is a software package initially developed to focus on the analysis of pipework data but can also be used to analyse different types of data. The software can import data from a database which is screened on upload for spurious points. The data can then be categorised any way the user chooses, provided the information is contained within the data, to assess the behaviour of sub-groups of data points. The software can generate short-term and long-term corrosion rates to illustrate data trends and can auto-generate reports.

CView is a client desktop application which can be licensed to users to enable them to access inspection data and some of the capabilities of SIMS. This allows more detailed analysis and/or understanding of inspection datasets for both technical and non-technical staff.

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