Traditional inspection campaigns have required divers or large ROVs deployed from a dedicated Inspection Repair Maintenance vessel. Vessels include high costs along with increased risks when working around assets. To reduce costs and risks, Sonomatic has pioneered innovative, lightweight asset deployed advanced NDT solutions. These tools can be deployed directly from the facility, reducing the risk to the facility and costs associated with the inspection. Tooling is available to deploy a wide variety of inspection techniques and capable of performing cleaning for the inspection. Tools are integrable with any ROVs that can be designed for asset deployment.

In partnership with our sister company Geo-Oceans, we can offer the complete solution for asset deployed inspection, providing the ROV, cleaning and inspection tooling required for the inspection. Rapid deployment is possible with the capability to take all equipment via helicopter. These solutions are also able to be deployed from vessels of opportunity such as supply vessels. Increasing the utilization of smaller vessels helps drive great efficiency of vessels on hire and reduce costs by delivering the same inspection outcome from a small platform. This is an area of heavy ongoing investment and development for the group.



The Sonomatic Raptor II subsea scanner was developed to support Shell in 2017 with their subsea inspection campaigns. Shell required an inspection capability, to allow shallow water and fast inspection...