Flexible Risers.

Flexible Risers

The most common integrity issues relating to flexible risers are mechanical damage to the outer sheath or a venting system’s failure due to harsh environments in deeper water. These can lead to a pressure breach of the out sheath and flooding of the riser annulus, ultimately weakening the riser integrity through corrosion of the internal wire.

Sonomatic’s engineers are extremely familiar with these types of issues (35% of flexibles experience issues of this kind) and can help clients address these early, well before they begin drastically reducing the service life of the risers.

Using our proprietary ROV-iT system, the latest technology and field-proven scanners, Sonomatic’s experts can determine if an external sheath failure has occurred in the riser systems and then assist to extend the lifespan of flexible pipes, saving the client time and money.

Validated and Reliable Techniques

Sonomatic’s flexible riser inspections are designed to help your business comply with industry regulations in a reliable and validated manner. Our inspections use cutting-edge robotic technology, ensuring accuracy and precision in every inspection – whether for the annulus, internal wiring, an unbonded flexible pipe, or any other part of the riser configuration.

Our flexible riser inspections can be carried out in a variety of challenging conditions, allowing us to provide you with the most accurate and reliable results. 

Flexible riser techniques.
Sonomatic Validated Techniques:
  • Dynamic Response Spectroscopy (DRS)
  • Ultrasonics
  • InspeCT (Computerized Tomography)
Technique Solutions:

Industry Leading Technology & Comprehensive Inspection

Underwater subsea oil storage tank inspection robot.

Our flexible riser inspections are powered by industry-leading robotic technology. Our cutting-edge robotic technology ensures accurate and precise inspections, providing you with the best possible results for both onshore or offshore applications. Our robotic technology also ensures accuracy and reliability in challenging conditions, making sure that you get the most accurate and reliable results. 

Our comprehensive inspection process allows us to detect potential issues with your flexible risers in an efficient manner. Our inspection process involves a detailed visual inspection, as well as a non-destructive testing process. This ensures accuracy and reliability in every inspection, giving you the most comprehensive results possible for both low and high-pressure applications.

Benefits of Flexible Riser Inspections

Monitor Project Problems: By using Sonomatic’s Flexible Riser Inspections you can be sure that all aspects of the risers are being closely monitored for any signs of failure or degradation. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents or disasters that may arise from undetected issues or failures in the risers themselves.

Identify Risks: Our flexible riser inspection teams are experienced professionals who understand the importance of safety in this sector and provide a comprehensive service that ensures all potential risks are identified before they become an issue. 

Quick Turnaround: With our advanced detection technologies we can quickly identify problems within a riser system, allowing prompt repairs and maintenance to be completed before significant damage is caused to equipment or personnel on site. Furthermore, our techniques allow us to monitor the condition of these structures over time so that any changes can be spotted early on before they become too costly or potentially dangerous.

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