Flexible Risers.

Flexible Risers

The most common integrity issues relating to flexible risers are mechanical damage to the outer sheath or a venting system’s failure. These can lead to a pressure breach of the out sheath and flooding of the riser annulus, ultimately weakening the riser integrity through corrosion of the internal wire. Sonomatic’s engineers are extremely familiar with these types of issues (35% of flexibles experience issues of this kind) and can help clients address these early, well before they occur.

Using our proprietary ROV-iT system, the latest technology and field-proven scanners, Sonomatic’s experts can determine if an external sheath failure has occurred in the riser systems and then assist to extend the lifespan of flexible pipes, saving the client time and money.

Sonomatic Validated Techniques

Flexible riser techniques.
  • Dynamic Response Spectroscopy (DRS): a proprietary technology developed by Sonomatic using frequency-based ultrasonic wall thickness measurements. It is a corrosion mapping technique that applies a broad range of low ultrasonic frequencies (<1 MHz) to penetrate challenging coatings such as composite repairs, PE and Neoprene, and excites the natural frequencies of vibration of the underlying steel. The DRS probe raster scans over an area of interest and collects response signals. Advanced signal processing algorithms have been developed to extract the vibration frequencies and map the wall thickness profile.
  • InspeCT (Computerized Tomography): Sonomatic’s proprietary subsea computed tomography system designed to eliminate the requirement to remove protective pipeline coatings, specifically concrete weight coating, to evaluate common pipeline integrity challenges including corrosion under insulation/coating, internal pitting & corrosion, degradation of internal linings & corrosion-resistant alloys, and detection & sizing of the internal build-up of deposits and scale.
  • Ultrasonics

Sonomatic Technique Solutions

Flexible Risers.
Our technique solutions include:
  • Detect Flooded Annulus
  • Characterise Annulus
  • Evaluate other sheet condition
  • Provide Integrity Data for decision
  • Image Layers

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