We are currently delivering a tank in-service robotic cleaning and inspection service in products including Crude Oil, Light Oils, Condensates and Water. Different robots and support technologies are considered according to tank type and product.

    Tank Type and Product:

  • Hydraulic for heavy hydrocarbons.
  • Electric for light hydrocarbons.
  • Manual for light hydrocarbons.
  • Suction and discharge for cleaning.
  • Acoustic localisation and navigation.
  • Purge system for low LEL environments.

Robotic Inspection - Vessels

    Work in progress:

    Sonomatic has several robots that are operator controlled, in addition to this, Sonomatic is developing a semi-autonomous robotics capability to further enhance inspection performance and efficiency. The robotics development is at the industrial testing stage at our Aberdeen base. We are not ready to advertise our full capability currently, but please get in touch to discuss your robotics requirements and to hear more about our development in a dedicated 1-1 session.