Sonomatic specialises in the design, development and application of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspections. Since the company’s formation in the 1980s, we have combined these NDT processes with integrity engineering capabilities to provide fully integrated inspection packages that directly meet the client’s needs, bringing innovative bespoke inspection solutions to the market through in-house development of equipment, software and robotics.

Sonomatic resides as the global leader for ROV/Diver-deployed subsea inspection and Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) technologies. Our team is committed to providing accurate, proactive inspection and engineering solutions that enable clients to make informed decisions crucial to the safe continued operation of mature assets and to manage the integrity of newly constructed ones.

Our ‘people first’ philosophy requires our team to actively practice and promote the Servant Leadership methodology. Servant leaders share power, listen to others, focus on the needs of the employees, and help the team to perform as effectively as possible while building a sense of community and ownership.

We draw our organisation charts upside down to reflect our belief that leadership’s role is to serve the business and to devolve power as close as possible to the frontline and our clients. By implementing this model, we multiply the leadership capability of the organisation and increase human potential in order to better serve our clients.

Servant leadership methodology model diagram.
Servant leadership methodology model diagram.

Health, safety, and environmental excellence

At Sonomatic our most important values are quality and the care we show for each other, our clients, and the environment. Accordingly, the highest standards of health, safety and environmental responsibility are prioritised throughout the business and in the delivery of our services.

The nature of our core business is NDT inspection, integrity and engineering services in a wide range of sectors. This means it is absolutely essential that we deliver our services with safety, consistency, and reliability with no exceptions.

Sonomatic is committed to a safe and healthy working environment and consistently strives to improve not just our own safety performance, but those of our partners and peers. We work closely with our employees, partners, and clients to reinforce our positive culture, values, and HSE commitments.

Maintaining and evolving this commitment to safety is a key part of our business culture and we will continue to work closely with employees, clients, and stakeholders in order to maintain our outstanding record of incident-free operations.

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