3D Representations

Understanding data is key to maximizing its value. Better data representation can improve the communication with your stakeholders, clients, customers and all interested parties. At Sonomatic we understand this and endeavour to assist you to access the data you require as easily as possible.

Our 3D modelling program assigns different thicknesses a unique colour in order to indicate changes in depth. This approach allows degradation to be highlighted without requiring any understanding of the inspection technique. These models are interactive and 3D printing can be used to create physical samples of any areas of concern.

3D Mapping example diagrams.

3D Viewer:

As part of inspection contracts, Sonomatic can deliver 3D models which can be loaded onto our 3D viewer, this is an online platform that allows you to load your models and view them with the inspection data overlaid on top.

Interactive 3D PDF’s:

Adobe Reader allows embedded 3D objects to be incorporated into the PDF, this allows easy access to the data. Different models can be incorporated into reports to highlight changes in condition identified by different inspection campaigns or compare the completed inspection to the inspection plan.

3D Printing

3D Prining Diagram.

Sonomatic can offer 3D printing services to allow stakeholders to fully understand the degree of corrosion present in their assets. A 3D model of a section of your pipework, vessel or tank, overlaid by a coloured corrosion map can be held in your hands to really see where the areas of damage are.

To provide an accurate scaled 3D model like this, we ensure that:
  • Data is cleaned and processed to remove all spurious signals.
  • Gaps in the data are accounted for or interpolated using our advanced algorithms.
  • Your model is optimised prior to production so that the highest cost or the material use is economical without affecting quality.

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