Pipelines are often inspected by In-Line Inspection (ILI) using intelligent pigging tools. These tools provide valuable information on pipeline conditions but given the challenges of inspection from the inside of pipelines, the accuracy of measurements can be limited. This can affect decisions on the integrity and remaining life of pipelines, the outcomes of which can be expensive, e.g. replacement or repair of a line. Consequently, pipeline operators will often choose to verify the wall thickness and extent of degradation features identified during an ILI run. This is most often done using externally applied inspection tools with enhanced accuracy.

Verification and Inspection Techniques

In the case of ILI verification, Sonomatic has a wide range of tools and techniques capable of performing high accuracy verification of any defects. Sonomatic tooling is deployable by divers or ROVs. Inspection tools and techniques are provided to be able to inspect through-coating inspections, piggyback solutions, weld inspection and field joint inspections. Regardless of the defect location, Sonomatic can provide the technique and tooling best suited to provide the inspection requirement.

Sonomatic can pair our in-field inspection capability with our integrity services team to make better use of the data collected. With this, we can “re-calibrate” ILI datasets, further interrogate ILI data analysis, target locations for verification and many more services.