Fast Turn Around on Large Vessels to Remove From Shutdown

Sonomatic was requested to carry out an urgent NII campaign on two large vessels with known corrosion. The client recognised the value of NII and wanted to utilise it fully to allow for a quicker turnaround.


The NII process had to be expedited to meet with the commencement of turnaround dates. The integrated approach of working closely with the inspection team enabled a multi-team deployment, working 24-hour shifts to collect 100m² of data. The onshore NII team worked with the offshore team to ensure efficient use of the data in the analysis for the NII evaluation. During the process, two areas of significant degradation were highlighted, and a fitness-for-service was carried out.


In summary, Sonomatic worked with the client to facilitate a 3-week inspection campaign for NII 100% coverage inspections. This data was analysed live, and the evaluation was carried out as soon as the data was available, including fitness-for-service where appropriate. The client was able to remove these vessels from the upcoming shutdown, thereby aiding the reduction of timescale significantly, saving the client lost production costs.

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