Bespoke Solutions

Sonomatic is a relationship-driven company that constantly provides its clients with the best possible service, using the most specialised technology available. We always offer a bespoke solution to individual projects by selecting the most appropriate products and techniques from our wide range of equipment and software.

This can range from the total planning-to-reporting package offered by our Integrity Support Services division, to one-off inspection reports carried out by specialist engineers using the most sophisticated and advanced flaw detection methodologies available.

Scanning Systems

Examples of our scanning systems include:
  • Topsides mag-wheeled, steerable crawlers for visual, AUT, PAUT & TOFD.
  • Subsea scanning technology from manual, diver-deployed, work-class ROV deployment to 3,000m water depth.
  • SPIRO for internal UT inspections of vertical tubulars such as risers and caissons.
  • MagTank developed specifically for Remote Internal Ultrasonic Inspection of crude oil tanks during service.
  • Access Window Scanner (AWS), an asset-deployed multi-axis scanning system for irregular weld geometries.
  • MagST to traverse the length of pipelines, to deploy guided waves around pipeline circumference.
  • CSI scanner to independently co-ordinate discrete motor drives for inspection of blind zones.
  • Vertical Can Pumps, to inspect these components with access from the flange face after removal of the pump internals.

Technique Assessment

Each application is initially reviewed by members of the Sonomatic Technical Support Group, a highly experienced team of over 20+ Level 3 NDT engineers, with some members having 40+ years’ experience, to assess and deliver inspirational techniques and solutions from the portfolio of techniques available to them from within the Sonomatic Group. Each assessment will define the inspection requirements based upon the required detection levels for a given defect morphology or location within the component.

Once this is defined and the required Probability of Detection confirmed, then the optimal inspection method shall be selected and specific procedure requirements complied. If deemed necessary, the Sonomatic Integrity Team can provide full inspection modelling to minimise or define any specific inspection validation requirements.

Technique assessment data analytics.
Technique assessment data analytics.


Our technology deployment services include:
  • Following the NDT assessment and the confirmation of the optimal inspection technique/method for the application, these details are then presented to the Sonomatic Engineering Team of mechanical design, electronic, and software engineers.
  • They will then assess the optimal deployment tooling based upon the inspection requirements and any access, safety or environmental challenges.
  • Following their assessment, the optimal delivery model for the proposed technique shall be confirmed.
  • If the solution cannot readily be applied by one of the many Sonomatic robotic systems, either modification to the existing tooling shall be completed, or if required, a complete bespoke inspection system shall be delivered whilst adhering to high ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards.
  • If deemed necessary and time permits, a series of trials or validations are performed to ensure the solution addresses all of the application requirements.
  • Once validated, the solution is proceduralised and specific training modules are complied for the Sonomatic Field Services Team to ensure a fully compliant, safe and efficient solution is delivered to the site.

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