Sonomatic started life as a developer of inspection technology in the late 1970s, and development is the very core of our being. The unique strength of Sonomatic is the concept of taking an idea through the stages of research, development, validation, safety, accreditation, training and competency management to deliver a powerful and effective blend of technology and competency, to solve asset integrity management requirements. The development process commences with an idea or a concept, these originate from various sources but are frequently initiated by client requirements.

These sparks of imagination are nurtured through the R&D process to create innovative solutions in the form of scanning technology, software, analytics, concepts, and techniques to aid our clients in managing their assets with improved availability and reliability. Safety and environmental standards are optimised alongside economic returns through the optimisation of asset availability and reliability. The concept that R&D delivers returns has been the vision of Sonomatic throughout the more than forty years of our evolution.