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Sonomatic Limited is pleased to announce it has completed the asset purchase of Innospection Group. This purchase includes all assets and IP, along with the employment of all active personnel from the former Innospection Group.

The acquisition of Innospection’s technology and equipment adds patented MEC™ (Magnetic Eddy Current) technology to Sonomatic’s portfolio of unique inspection technology. Additionally, a further array of deployment tools including, MEC™ Floorscanners, MEC™ Pipescanners, MEC™ Splash Zone scanners and MEC™ subsea scanners. These significantly extend Sonomatic’s selection of asset care solutions.

Sonomatic General Manager, Alex Cesan, said: Over the years, we have always admired Innospection as a specialist inspection provider. Innospection has shared a similar passion to solve challenging inspection solutions above and below the water line. We share a problem-solving and collaborative culture. We are excited to bring together our technologies, widening our world-leading portfolio of inspection technologies and equipment.”

Innospection’s Managing Director, Geoff Fisher, commented:Sonomatic’s purchase of Innospection Group’s Assets and MEC™ IP Portfolio, unlocks significant opportunities for the new Division. Bringing together, as it does, two teams with a shared passion for providing clients with leading edge solutions to their asset integrity and inspection challenges. Sonomatic’s deep knowledge and experience of inspection technologies, software development and robotic engineering solutions, underpinned by its extensive patent portfolio, will enable the full potential of MEC™ technology to be realised to the benefit of both our existing and new clients.”

The acquisition of Innospection is an exciting new venture for Sonomatic. Expanding our inspection technologies and equipment, as well as our passionate team, works perfectly for the natural progression and growth of the business.

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