Data mining case study.

Data Mining Case Study

Sonomatic has advanced software capabilities for extracting information and value from data using specialised approaches. In this example, Sonomatic were contacted by a major operator to assist in extracting more value from their data.


The client had many years of unstructured data, residing in over 6,300 excel workbooks and 22,000 worksheets. The data naming, format, local, density and resolution had all changed over the years which meant that intelligent algorithms were developed to find and extract out the data (numeric and embedded images) so they could be categorised and labelled. Data mining techniques were developed, with customised data verification procedures and steps to maximise the value of the data processing.


The process was more successful than the client envisioned, and allowed for a much deeper understanding of the data. This lead in turn to an improved utilisation of the data by the client which resulted in improved inspection planning and significant cost savings.

Client Feedback

The client was extremely happy with the process, which resulted in significant additional work with Sonomatic, and it changed the direction of the clients business to facilitate the use of this data, which will provide additional value to the client for many years to come.

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