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Water Pipework System Data Review and Analysis

Sonomatic were approached to perform a data review, and analyse historic data across several circuits of a produced water pipework system.


The findings highlighted several issues with the data:

  • Numerous spurious readings.
  • An incorrect nominal thickness listed against inspection points, giving false confidence in inspection results.
  • Regions of replacement that included in corrosion rate calculations, causing the results to be unrepresentatively low. These issues are illustrated in the plot below, showing large deviations from nominal thickness.


Sonomatic were able to identify specific areas of concern such as deadlegs, an erosion risk on bends, as well as show evidence of unnecessarily high levels of inspection in areas where no corrosion had been noted. This resulted in the client being able to target inspection in the areas of concern while reducing the inspection in areas where corrosion was absent. This enabled a targeted, more efficient inspection that made better use of inspection budgets.

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