About Sonomatic RAIS


Sonomatic work with our clients to find and deliver solutions. Those solutions arrive from three places – innovation, technology and more importantly, a team that believes in themselves and believes we can deliver better.

We develop strong partnerships with our clients, our vendors, our training companies, our hygiene engineers and fellow contractors. By opening up lines of open and honest communication with all parties, together we bring in projects safely, on time and very likely under or at budget.


Our thinking is diverse, our equipment belongs on the Starship Enterprise and our enthusiasm and energy are what makes us so different to other companies. NDT is NDT. Physics is physics. So we can all show up with the same equipment and do the same job, but Sonomatic RAIS offer more. We offer open minds, curious minds and a real passion and willingness to bring new life to old contracts, new dreams to new contracts – we offer a difference.

Sonomatic represents the best in skills and knowledge in conventional, advanced, specialised and engineering inspection, but our delivery is different.